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After his first foray into this business he saw that it took up a lot of his time. He already had a reputation among players and became, in most cases, an intermediary: he buys accounts in bulk and then resells them using his reputation and the valuation of his previous buyers. 

That prestige is worth it to acquire records at a price of between 1 and 3 euros and to sell them for about 20 after checking them and, in some cases, even playing with them to raise the level. “I try that nothing can cause problems for people who buy, I take on my share of responsibility and I want the experience to be fruitful for everyone,” he says, because, as he explains, there are hackers who are dedicated to stealing and selling.

The motivation is clear: “Games are competitive systems, you go up and down levels, there are people who want to avoid the time that has to be invested in the first levels or others who, with years of competitive experience, get stuck at one level and want to go up. in another way,” he explains. She knows that among the players it is not well seen to progress in this way, but the fact is that there are several online pages that serve as a platform for sellers and buyers with guarantee systems. In fact, some of them even block the payment money for several weeks until the buyer verifies that everything is in order and that the purchase corresponds to the offer.

Collado is convinced that the owners of the games know that these pages exist that circumvent the conditions of use that they demand. Basically, what these movements produce is more desire to play, more motivation for those who access with a new account thinking that they can improve, more incentives. In other cases, players flee from incorrect or unsportsmanlike attitudes that expel them from the game and resist starting from scratch.

Anyone can enter the business, Javier Collado knows this, but he is not afraid of losing market share because users are very competitive and usually go to people who offer them guarantees or who, as in his case, are specialized in certain games.

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